2nd event of the “Discurso Direito” conference series

“Divorce and Child Protection” was the theme analyzed by VFA’s lawyer Bárbara Figueiredo and Eva Nogueira Serens, president of Child Protection Comission in Coimbra

February 7, 2024

“When parents separate, a child’s entire life is turned upside down.”

The statement is powerful and encapsulates the aim of bringing the theme “Divorce and Child Protection” to the “Discurso Direito” conference series, promoted by VFA.

This analysis was made by Eva Nogueira Serens, president of the Commission for the Protection of Children and Youth [CPCJ] of Coimbra, who, along with VFA lawyer Bárbara Figueiredo, discussed the topic and shared knowledge.

During the conference, Eva Nogueira Serens exemplified the role of the CPCJ in cases of parental separation and emphasized the importance of always listening to and valuing the voices of minors.

Bárbara Figueiredo addressed the main legal aspects of this sensitive social issue and pointed out that the role of the lawyer, in cases of separation with a direct impact on the lives of children and youth, is not only that of a legal mediator and representative of one “side”, but also often that of a “psychologist” or “peacemaker”.

The devil is in the details.