Taxation of Real Estate Capital Gains Analyzed on the “Discurso Direito” Podcast

In this episode of the “Discurso Direito” podcast, Bruno Magalhães discusses the taxation of real estate capital gains realized by non-resident taxpayers

January 12, 2024

In the Discurso Direito podcast, this time we discuss the taxation of capital gains on real estate transactions by non-resident taxpayers, and within this topic, we also delve into old changes that remain relevant today.

What regime applies to residents and non-residents in Portugal since 2023? How are sales made until December 2022 taxed? Do non-residents have the right to a refund of overpaid tax related to property sales occurring up to December 2022?

To keep you informed and safeguard your rights, these are some of the questions answered by Bruno Magalhães, the head of the Commercial and Real Estate Law departments at VFA, who is based in Maastricht, Netherlands.

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